I'm a Coach and Trainer that specialises in career guidance, career planning, executive coaching, self-employment preparation and interview preparation. Over the past number of years, I've have the privilege of working with thousands of professionals at all stages of their career and at all levels within organisations - from interns all the way up to CEOs. Through this experience, I’ve been able to develop and hone a wide variety of skills, techniques and strategies to facilitate and empower clients to create practical plans and get results.

I’ve been published in The Journal.ie and Business ETC and featured on RTE’s The Business, Newstalks' Down to Business and The Irish Times. My degree is in International Business and Languages and I’m a qualified trainer - I’ve delivered workshops in London, Madrid, Berlin and Dublin, as well as a couple online.

After graduating from Dublin City University with a degree in International Business and Japanese, I spent several years living abroad in Australia, Japan and Spain. While in Ireland, I worked in the high performance environment of the National Athlete Development Academy for two years, alongside some of the top athlete performance coaches and physiotherapists in the country. 

I have completed two coaching courses with one of the leading family therapists in the world, Cloé Madanes and the world famous coach, Tony Robbins. I have also studied Business, Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Emotional Intelligence, but really, the learning is ongoing. I started working for myself in 2013 and as a coach in 2014. I really enjoy meeting my clients, hearing how they're getting on and doing my best to help them get a result. 

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What clients are saying:

"Throughout the time I have spent with Ronan trying to break down the the barriers (career wise) that I myself over the course off 5 years have built up, we have succeeded in doing so, I always felt from what I have been told by teachers in school that if I didn't do well in the leaving certificate that basically options would be gone.

Ronan through his knowledge and hard work quickly proved them wrong, he asked me questions that really made me think in my head think more so then ever actually. After my first session with him I walked out thinking that I could actually accomplish goals, that anything I set my mind to I could, in fact, accomplish. He also motivated me in a way letting me know my own attributes that I would have an advantage with a college course or job. He gave me direction.

I now know what direction my life is going and I know I still have a lot of work to do, Ronan has instilled an idea in my head that I know I can succeed at. I know how it feels to be useless. I always tangled with the idea of feeling in a bubble of self pity, Ronan burst that bubble for me, I am now applying to college into a industry in which I never taught I would even get a chance to go for. IF YOUR LOOKING TO IMPROVE RONAN IS THE GUY TO HELP!!! I owe a lot to him for helping me. Thank you Ronan."

- Gregory

"I engaged with Ronan on a series of goal setting workshops shortly after I began a new role. Ronan's structure and flow of each session is extremely practical and he applied relevant frameworks and models into my role and how they might be useful in my goal setting. I left each session with 'tasks' to achieve before we met next which were used to shape our discussion. This was incredibly beneficial.

Aside from the goal setting process, I also gained valuable insights into effective decision making techniques for team environments and practical advice on how to break down barriers and overcome limitations that can occur during goal planning.

I now feel as if I can approach goal setting for myself, my team and the business confidently with a clear plan of how we're going to achieve each goal. For anyone struggling with goal setting as I previously did, I totally recommend undertaking sessions with Ronan". 

- Josh

"When I met Ronan I was pretty lost. An important chapter in my life was about to finish and I didn't know how to face the next one. Through the several sessions we had, he helped me to create a path to follow, made of small steps to get the ultimate goal. He showed me my strengths, skills and all the possibilities I had, they were in front of me but I couldn’t see them until that moment. It wasn't easy but I always had his advice and he provided me the tools I needed. Although in the beginning the sessions were focused on my career, with the right questions Ronan realized there were a lot more going on so he also made me know myself better and appreciate everything and everyone I have. I can only say thanks to him and I truly recommend him to anyone that feels the same way I used to."

- Cristina