Passing thoughts on criticism

Passing thoughts on criticism

Criticism can be valuable occasionally, so it's good to derive any potentially useful information from it. If there’s nothing of worth in it, just let it pass. Remember that the more criticism you get, the more you’ll get used to it, which will help you to desensitise and deal with it in the future.

“There is only one way to avoid criticism: say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” - Aristotle

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To be brave, you have to show vulnerability; to be a leader, you have to go first

To be brave, you have to show vulnerability; to be a leader, you have to go first

“Men don’t talk” - that’s what I’ve been told. The statement is not just harsh and unfair; it’s untrue. I’ve met lots of men who talk, about their feelings too. Many of them love it. I’ve also met female clients who would prefer not to talk about anything. Generalisations are always wrong and there’s always an exception to the rule...

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Mini-experiments versus chronic dabbling

There aren't any summary bullet points for this post. No dabbling on this one;  you’re either in or you’re out.

I’ll admit it straight up that I’ve dabbled before. We all do it to some extent.

Doing risk-free mini-experiments is a necessity but we should be careful to distinguish that from dabbling. Mini-experiments should give us an opportunity to try something in a structured fashion; get help from someone who understands the area and overcome at least one obstacle while learning from it. 

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Not so personal pronouns

East Asian languages have much less use for personal pronouns compared to English. They still use pronouns of course, but only when necessary. In general, English speaking countries tend to focus much more on the individual, compared to countries like Japan and Korea which tend to gravitate more towards the group societies. 

It can be argued that language influences thought along with thought influencing language.

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Quit defending and experience freedom

Defending yourself is tough - so tough. But there is something so beautiful, so liberating, so empowering when you quit defending. It’s a moment when everything changes. Suddenly, you don’t have to pretend that everything is alright; that you’re perfect; that you did a good job; that you never made mistakes or that you never will again. And when that happens, you open up a whole new world of possibilities, and a lot less pain.

The fear is 'people will say …

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Forget resolutions - Focus on habits

Learning new skills is a challenge for many of us. The very first hurdle is our belief system: fixed mindset or growth mindset. If we have a fixed mindset, it suggests that we cannot learn new skills and have to make do with what we have naturally. On the other hand, there is a lot more room for hope if we have a growth mindset - this suggests that we believe skills can be learnt and we can learn them.

The second challenge is creating habits that make learning a consistent practice.

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This is your Career

Personally, I’ve spent more than 10 years searching for a career that I really felt passionately about and have done a lot of different jobs along the way. Now, I’m excited to have finally found a career that I love. So I wanted to share this with you in the hope that it will inspire, excite and motivate you to follow your passion. If you know someone who isn’t sure what to do in their career, feel free to share it with them. 

Becoming Financially Responsible

Becoming Financially Responsible

  • Essential lessons for financial stability
  • Financial Lessons from Experts: Book Summaries
  • Financial Stability: Everything you need to know (almost)
  • The best philosophies for financial stability

NB *I am not qualified, nor am I authorised to give financial advice.*

Almost everyone is concerned with money at some stage of their career. However, there’s no point working harder, taking on more responsibility and earning more if you don’t actually feel the benefit of it at any stage. By the way, I’m not merely talking about getting richer, I’m talking about increasing your net worth and sustaining it into the future. Before I go any further, I have to mention that of course not everyone wants to be wealthy, which is fine, but everyone wants to be financially stable.

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An interview with

Are there any everyday methods or tricks you could share with us? Do you ever use any of them yourself?

Yes, absolutely! I like to focus on 3 things everyday that I’ve done well and write them down, if possible. This helps me stay in a positive frame of mind and remind me of all things that are going well. The reason is that so often it’s easy to be concerned about challenges at work or what’s going badly, we also have to focus on what is going well. This isn’t about saying it’s better than it is, and it’s certainly not about saying it’s worse than it is - it’s about saying it as it is.

I also like to journal about things that are on my mind to relieve stress and to stop ideas/thoughts flying around my head, especially at a time they’re not useful - like last thing at night! I have a blank notebook that I use, which is ideal for writing, mind maps, lists, drawings or any other type of scribbling. 

I love learning. I endeavour to learn something new everyday - even if that simply means skimming a blog online, reading a quote or discovering a new function of a software package.

Any tips for someone trying to impress at work following a period of maternity leave?

I think if you can come back to work having learned some new skills, done some online courses or read some relevant books, it would be really beneficial. There are lots of mums who have used the time off work to progress their careers. This is now more feasible than ever with the rise of ebooks and online learning. 

Also, the typical suggestion is to be as organised as possible for reentering the company so that you can really focus on your work from day one. This may mean getting other members of the immediate family, extended family, or professionals to help with child care or other household tasks (where possible). 

What is the key to achieving work/life balance?

I believe it’s important to work hard while your at work and actively recover once you’re finished work. This doesn’t mean that you sit on the couch and watch TV (while still thinking about the office) - this means planning your social calendar so that you can properly disengage from work in the evenings and get a mental break. Actives that  engage the body, mind (and spirit) are an excellent example of this (sport, music, meeting friends, shows etc).

Also, being productive is obviously key. It’s important to be aware that just because you’re in work a long time - doesn’t mean you’re productive. Being productive at work means having a to-do list and also a not-to-do list. In other words, prioritise what you need to do and what is nice to do. Then, focus on getting results, not just on putting in the hours!

I hope this helps and thanks for reading!

Why I offer FREE phone consultations

I often get asked why I offer free consultations on the phone. Some people ask about it in terms of a business strategy and others are simply interested. Well here are the simple answers:

Help people

I like to help people with their career - it’s always been an interest of mine and that’s part of why I’ve chosen this job. I also believe that if you can help someone improve their career, it has a direct effect on their self esteem, confidence, salary and personal relationships. That’s why it’s so powerful. Furthermore, each phone call is a chance to reach a new person and a chance to further improve my coaching skills. 


Build trust and reputation

It’s crucial to build trust with potential clients and to establish a strong reputation in the field. I get many referrals from previous clients but I still want to expand my reach and have a positive influence on as many people as possible. 


Gain Referrals

Occasionally, the person who calls me only needs a few minutes to sort out their career challenges, in which case, I prefer to just have a quick chat with them on the phone rather than spend two hours with them to solve a 5 minute issue. If they feel like they have genuinely been helped, they are likely to refer friends, family members or colleagues to me. Therefore it’s a good way to increase referrals. 


Elicit needs and offer value first

For the people who definitely need to work with a career coach, the initial phone call is an excellent way to start the coaching relationship. It gives me a chance to elicit the exact needs of my potential client and to offer them value first - that way they know what they are signing up for. If the connection isn’t right, the person doesn’t need to commit. However, when the connection is right, we’re set up for a win straight away. I believe that this is part of the reason why I’ve had success with my clients. 

Linchpin and Becoming Indispensable

I’ve come across Seth Godin’s book ‘Linchpin’ recently and I strongly recommend it for anyone interested in a strong career. It’s a game changer as far as I am concerned. It’s about being something, that we all, inherently are: artists. Nope - this doesn’t mean artist simply in terms of someone who paints. This is anyone who is creative, who can generate new ideas and solve interesting problems. This is everyone. If you feel you aren’t creative now, that’s  because either:

1) you don’t recognise it in yourself or 2) you’ve lost it at some stage over time. But it’s there...

Here are a couple of big ideas from the book:

Solve interesting and complex problems

This means that we should continuously look for new ways of creating value in the organisations where we work and is the key to the future economy. We can’t always attempt to outwork the competition because often the competition will be working in parts of the world where the currency holds much less value. Therefore, they can do the same work for less. Trying to outwork them would be fruitless.

Solve more problems than anyone else

Become the individual in the company who provides more value. and solves more problems than anyone else. This way it becomes very difficult to replace you regardless of the economic environment. Find out what the company needs on a regular basis and endeavor to be the person to help solve those challenges.

Give people gifts and don’t require reciprocation

I really like this idea because of the reaction you get when you do it. In a society where everything has a price, it can be refreshing to receive some small gift from someone and to know that nothing is expected in return. It makes people feel good and everyone likes to feel good.

Share your expertise - show the wealth of your knowledge

Of course, some people will always be afraid that if they share to much knowledge that their clients won’t need them anymore. In my opinion, considering we live in an age of instant information available at the touch of a button, I believe people are looking for much more than information. And in general, I find that the more you share, the more people want from you. Acquiring expert knowledge will certainty take time, however I believe it is one of the most important career decisions you can make. 

Ship on time

This is the idea that projects will not always be perfect (like this blog!) but they need an to be done and delivered on time. Ideas aren’t the hard part - It’s shipping that’s difficult. Get it done and get it done on time!

Hope you enjoyed this and thanks for reading! 

"Readers are leaders"

"Readers are leaders"

I'm delighted. We are of the same mindset. You want to be a coach and you'd like to see how others are doing it. Welcome to my site. Please check my about page for more info on my background. After that, I think it's a good idea to see the reading list of someone who's doing what you'd like to do. One quote that I remember vividly from Tony Robbins' book AWAKEN THE GIANT WITHIN is:

Readers are leaders
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5 Star Online Career Development Course

5 Star Online Career Development Course

I’m very excited. I have been working on the content of this course for the past two years and the production for the past six months. To be honest, it’s something that I've found really difficult because it’s so open ended and variable, but now I can say that I’m really happy with the result. While it’s not perfect, I’m confident that it’s going to help answer 90% of the questions/issues that people have with changing careers.

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8 Truths from the movie “The Company Men"

Recently, I watched a great movie called “The Company Men”. It’s about a group of, you guessed it, men, who lose their jobs in a massive corporation. They had been working there all their lives and were faced with huge uncertainty when taking the next step. Some reacted better than others. The reason I’m struck by the movie is that it reflects real life, and certainty what happened in 2008. Therefore for me, it seemed to be more fact than fiction.

In any case, here are some lessons that I think we could all take away from this movie:

  1. Anyone can lose their job, no matter how secure they think it is.

  2. You must seek help from family, friends and professionals. 

  3. Losing a job will most likely knock your confidence and create self-doubt.

  4. There may not be jobs available in our desired industry or location, which brings us onto...

  5. We must adapt to new situations or circumstances, and adapt and adapt...!

  6. The best way to adapt is to use your skills in new ways and/or get new skills. 

  7. If opportunities don’t come to us, we must create them. 

  8. Persistence is the only choice. 

I definitely recommend watching the movie if you get a chance.

Best tools for optimising your career development

Check some of the best tools and resources that you can use to increase productivity, communication, outsourcing or optimisation of your career. As a general rule, if you find yourself doing the same action or activity over and over again, the chances are that you could either automate it or outsource it to someone who is less busy than you. Check out the tools here:

  1. PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS scanbot,,,,,
  9. GOOGLE CHROME EXTENSIONS: Buffer, Gmail Offline, Tag Assistant, Evernote Clipper, Dropbox


Writing tools:, headline, keyword planner,