Are you interested in providing some workshops for your team or your employees? Here is a list of "Lunch and Learn" session that I carry out in company or in my office. The sessions generally last approximately 45 minutes and involve a short presentation, interaction and some exercises. There is no charge for the initial session and the option for further half-day and full-day workshops is available. Please fill out the form below to enquire or to book a session for your team. Look forward to hearing from you.

Communication Skills in the Workplace

  • Discover the key principals of effective communication
  • Change your perspective and uncover the best in others 
  • Find out what motivates people in positive or negative ways 
  • Use the best strategies for working in challenging situations
  • Identify alternative methods of communicating your point

Career Development Workshop

  • How to build confidence in a consistent and sustainable manner
  • Distinguish the difference between achievement and fulfilment 
  • Find out how to make an impact and becoming indispensable 
  • Identifying, creating and developing opportunities in your current position
  • Discover the best ways to use ‘networking to get working’

Decision-Making for Managers

  • Gain more clarity over your priorities and decide what’s the best next step 
  • Distinguish between what your choices really are and add more options
  • Find out how to make weigh up tough decisions and go with the best one
  • Learn to deal with risks and reduce the chances of them happening 
  • Discover the best ways to resolve problems with decisions that you’ve already made 
  • Create a strong case and achieve buy-in from others  

Effective Goal-Setting for Leaders

  • Discover the steps of setting and achieving compelling goals for you and your team.
  • Overcome personal limits and professional challenges one step at a time.
  • Realise the painful consequences and pleasurable benefits of your goals.
  • Create a comprehensive professional development plan for your career.
  • Find out how to build confidence on tap and unleash your best inner resources.
  • Establish the best ways to set team goals and overcome challenges.

Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Leaders

  • Coaching and mentoring - what’s the difference and when to use each?
  • Key skills, attributes and core beliefs of an effective coach/mentor
  • Identifying the who, what, where, when and why of coaching/mentoring
  • Logistics and administration in the coaching/mentoring relationship
  • Learn to deal with common issues and problems during sessions

How to Make a Professional LinkedIn Profile

  • Connecting with your network and getting recommendations 
  • Adding a Profile photo and a background photo and title
  • Updating your personal details, contact details, and LinkedIn URL
  • Inserting a summary of your career highlights in bullet points
  • Detailing your professional experience to date and giving examples
  • Using LinkedIn to create new business/career opportunities

  • Identifying the key principles of clear and effective writing
  • Creating reader-focused emails, messages and documents in a structured fashion
  • Tailoring information layouts to meet different requirements
  • Writing clear, concise and easily understandable sentences
  • Identifying and avoiding common grammatical errors

Clear and Effective Business Writing

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