Business Mentoring 


One-Page Business Plan

Create a simple one-page business plan outlining your basic services and your processes.

Answer the ‘who, what, where, when, why and how’ questions to get started.


Service Design and Delivery 

  • What will your 3 core services be and how will they be delivered?

  • What are the 3-6 steps of each service, from beginning to end?

  • How long will it take to deliver each service?

  • How much will they cost to deliver and what will be your return/revenue?

  • What guarantees can you provide your clients?

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Marketing and PR Strategy

  • How will you reach clients and communicate your service offerings?

  • Will you use paid or free marketing, or both?

  • What referral systems will you have in place and what irresistible offers could you use?

  • What call-to-action will you use on your website to engage potential clients?

  • What will be your main social media platform, if any?


Client Relationship Management

  • Who is your current client and who does your current client need to be?

  • Which clients/channels give you the majority of sales?

  • How will you interact with clients and how often?

  • Who are your ideal clients and how many times will you follow up with them?

  • What software will you use to manage your client list?

  • How can you offer your clients more value than anyone else?

  • What will you referral system be?

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Goal-Setting and KPIs

  • What are your goals for the year and your team’s Key Performance Indicators?

  • Do you have clear action steps that will directly influence your success?

  • Do you have a scoreboard to track progress and can you see it on a daily basis?

  • Has your team bought into your vision for the business and the KPIs?

  • Do you have a back-up plan (plan B) just in case your business doesn’t succeed?


Budget Management

  • What is the lifetime value and net profit for each client?

  • How much will your fixed and variable costs for running your business?

  • How long do you have to get your business up and running before running out of finance?

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Useful Tools for Self-Employed Professionals 

  • Productivity and Communication Tools

  • Social Media and Marketing Tools

  • Website building, design and outsourcing Tools




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