Learn how to find new and existing self-employment opportunities through identifying your transferable skills, professional experience and qualifications in line with market forces. Find out the biggest personal and professional challenges for self-employed people and how to overcome them in practical steps.

This course will enable you to create a simple business plan that is both practical and implementable, ensuring that you maintain financial stability while developing your career as a self-employed professional.

Workshop Objectives

The programme will enable participants to:

  • Identify the personal and professional attributes needed to succeed in self-employment.
  • Discover various opportunities and possibilities for self-employment through practical exercises.
  • Be aware of the most common challenges and pitfalls of working for yourself in order to avoid them.
  • Create a CPD (continuous professional development) plan that will setup a win-win scenario for your career.
  • Learn the key pillars of advertising, marketing and selling yourself and your offering.
  • Understand how to test your plan and make sure that it will allow you sufficient financial stability.
  • Develop pricing strategies, irresistible offers and basic selling techniques that will help you succeed.
  • Create a simple one-page business plan and execution strategy.

Workshop Outline

Topics include:

  • Self-discovery and opportunity discovery 
  • Effective branding and marketing
  • Selling the idea: in-person, online and offline
  • Strategic execution of business plans

Workshop Delivery Approach

Delivery style will include the use of trainer presentations and live demos, discussions, and question and answer sessions. Participants are not required, but they can if they’d prefer, to bring along their own laptop/iPad (if they have one) in order to work “live” under the assistance and supervision of the trainer.

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