Hi, I’m Ronan. I am a Career Coach that specialises in career guidance, career planning, executive coaching, self-employment preparation and interview preparation. When I’m not meeting clients in my Dublin 2 office, I like to write a blog about things like transferable skills, workplace communication and employee engagement. Sometimes, I make videos about topics like confidence. Also, I hold regular workshops where you can learn about career development, coaching/mentoring skills, decision-making and goal-setting etc.

Most people do two or three sessions over a three week period. I recommend a 90 minute session to start, with a follow up 1-hour session(s), but the choice is yours. The sessions are tailored to your needs and are focused on getting practical results. If you’re interested, you can find out more about me or contact me. Feel free to book some sessions below.

One Session

(90 mins)


Two Sessions

(90 mins + 1 Hour)


6 Sessions

1-Hour Sessions


Executive Coaching

3 Months