Where do the sessions take place:

I do sessions with clients:

  1. In my office on 20 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2

  2. In the Camden Court Hotel, Dublin 2

  3. On the Phone / Skype

How do I pay?

You can pay online before the session, or in cash or by card on the day.

How much are the packages?

One Month Support Package €350:
2 x 90-minute sessions + 30 minute phone support

Three Month Support Package €600
4 x 90-minute sessions + 60 minute phone support

How does it work? 

Firstly, I seek to find out where my client is getting stuck and starting working from there by asking questions and looking for solutions. Some examples of what people find difficult include: creating a professional profile/executive summary that presents themselves well; identifying the right opportunities to apply for; updating and improving their CV and cover letter; and finally doing good interview preparation. The 7 Step Process:

  1. Identify top needs and priorities

  2. Create a professional profile

  3. Review CV and cover letter

  4. Outline your core competencies

  5. Discover suitable opportunities

  6. Complete interview preparation

  7. Set compelling goals

Is the CV and cover letter included in the One Month Support Package for €350 already?

During the one-to-one sessions of this package, I will give you advice, tips and specific suggestions on what to include and what not to include in your CV and cover letter. I can help you word, describe and elaborate on your experience to date, highlighting the best of what you’ve achieved so far in your career - I can even do it for you during the session. 

But if you’d like me to do it for you outside the session, then I charge €150 per document (CV or cover letter).  

What hours do you work?

I usually work between 10-7pm, but occasionally I meet clients outside of those hours in special circumstances. As most people tend to come after work, my busiest time tends to be in the evenings.

What is the cost of your sessions - how many do you normally recommend?

3-Month Support Package (€600)

Most clients find that doing a 90-minute session to start, followed by three more 90-minute follow-up sessions over the course of three months is really effective. Alternatively, clients can do 6 sessions of 60 minutes if they prefer. After all sessions, I am available on the phone and by email to further assist clients with whatever they may need: answering questions, reviewing CVs/applications or preparing interview answers etc. The support lasts until three months after the day of the first session. In special circumstances, I’m happy to be a bit more flexible with these terms.

If I choose the 1-month package, can I upgrade it to the 3-month package?

No, sorry. But you can do an add-on session for 90-minutes (€150) or 60-minutes (€100). Of course, if you want to do an additional 1-month package, then you’re welcome to do that too.

Does the 1-month package start from the date you purchase it, or is it flexible and you can start your month later?

It starts from the date you start your first session, but I don’t mind if people need a little more time. I always try to be as flexible as possible (within reason).

What is your availability at present?

I usually work between 8am and 7pm, but occasionally I meet clients outside of those hours in special circumstances. As most people tend to come after work, my busiest time tends to be in the evenings. The earliest session starts at 8am and the latest at 6pm.

Where are you based?

Office Suites, 20 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2. But I also do sessions in the Camden Court Hotel.

Booking meeting in the hotel will have greater time flexibility as we can use it without needing to book a meeting room, whereas booking a meeting room in the office will have less flexibility but more privacy.

What is your method of coaching?

I used a combination of techniques and draw widely from many disciplines include: business, psychology, therapy, near-linguistic programming and marketing etc. In terms of the coaching methodologies, I use strategic intervention coaching along with the GROW model. 

Can I just do one session of one hour?

I've changed the structure for working with clients recently. The reason I've done this is to offer a more complete service and add more value to each individual over the period of a month or longer. It allows me to provide tailored support in-person, on the phone and by email and to share any resources, videos, articles, blogs, events or suggestions which may be of use to them.

Of course, this approach doesn't suit everyone, but it's the approach that I truly believe is the best because then I have the ability to ensure that clients are followed up with and that they're not falling down at the last hurdle. This method of working with clients has been further solidified in my mind recently as I have seen first hand how maintaining an ongoing relationship has empowered clients to go that extra bit farther to get the job or to make a lasting personal change. It has been the difference that's made the difference.

If someone just wants a few ideas or some basic information, it can often be best to review some of my blogs (150+), videos (40+) or resources (10+) that are all available on my website 24/7 and for free. And I can completely understand why they might prefer that for a variety of reasons.

However, for the foreseeable future, my plan is to work with clients in a comprehensive way and provide them with a very person-specific service. Practically speaking, this involves doing a One-Month or Three-Month Package, plus support on the phone/email over the course of a month or longer.

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