More Opportunities = More Possibilities

more opportunities equals more possibilities

A lot of students are looking for direction and guidance after receiving their leaving cert results so it’s a busy time for me. Therefore, this week’s blog is super simple and super short!

Often clients come to my office and feel like they don’t know what they want to do. In many of these cases, the person actually does know what they want to do but they have run out of ideas for making it happen. Maybe they’re not getting the interviews they need, there doesn’t seem to be any jobs for them or they’re just not having any success in general. That’s a tricky situation so let’s think about some possible solutions. 

We can have more possibilities for having success, if we can create more opportunities.

But how can we create more opportunities? 

1. Apply for different types of positions

Instead of just applying for a job that has exact title that you're looking for, expand your possibilities by applying for roles that are variations of the role you're looking for. 

2. Make more contacts (family, friends, networking)

Most people know that networking is one of the most effective ways of securing a job or creating new business. By tapping into your current network, you'll be able to remind people that you're looking for new opportunities, but also don't be afraid to make new connections wherever you go. This doesn't mean that you spend your days and nights going to networking events, you can meet people that may be able to help you out in social situations too. In my experience, most people are helpful if you ask them for something politely and express gratitude before leaving. 

3. Use all of the different routes to market

If someone comes to me and is having no success with applying for jobs on the Internet, I want to know what else they have tried. This next sentence sounds simple but a lot of people don't do it - if you're doing something and it doesn't work, do something else! And if that doesn't work, do something else!! For example, you can:

  • Apply for positions that are not advertised (statistics say that many jobs are not advertised)

  • Apply for work in additional locations or different countries. But also...

  • Based on quality, make sure to find out what's the best route to the job market for you: 

routes to job market

I know for many people these suggestions are not easy and they are not comfortable to do. Having said that, we're not aiming to feel comfortable - we aiming for the best results. One of the things I do with clients is help them to develop ways to enjoy being more effective so that it's easier to do. 

Thanks for reading. Ronan