A/B testing and psychometrics


It's important to remember that finding the right career is a process of discovery and experimentation. It’s not a quick fix. Some people say that they can give you a psychometric test, where you discover what you ‘should’ do, based on a list of questions. However, these psychometric tests are not scientific and many people find them useless. They tend to put people into categories, which is something that I think is harmful because it encourages people to limit themselves. We are not just one type of person with one type of personality. I like to think that we are open, adaptable and capable of being good at many things, especially if we are interested in them. I believe that we should do what we want to do for the simple reason that we will enjoy doing it. Then, if we enjoy doing it, we will get better at it because we will keep doing it. And if we get better at it, we will be able to command good salaries because we are really good at our work. That’s my theory anyway!

Furthermore, real scientific process is about testing, experimentation and retesting. It’s practical and realistic. Scientists often test two samples (A & B) to find out which works better. Then, they do further tests on whichever one worked better, and so on until they achieve their desired result. I encourage you to use a similar process for testing your career interests. 

Thanks for reading. Ronan

CAREERRonan Kennedy