Why I offer FREE phone consultations

I often get asked why I offer free consultations on the phone. Some people ask about it in terms of a business strategy and others are simply interested. Well here are the simple answers:

Help people

I like to help people with their career - it’s always been an interest of mine and that’s part of why I’ve chosen this job. I also believe that if you can help someone improve their career, it has a direct effect on their self esteem, confidence, salary and personal relationships. That’s why it’s so powerful. Furthermore, each phone call is a chance to reach a new person and a chance to further improve my coaching skills. 


Build trust and reputation

It’s crucial to build trust with potential clients and to establish a strong reputation in the field. I get many referrals from previous clients but I still want to expand my reach and have a positive influence on as many people as possible. 


Gain Referrals

Occasionally, the person who calls me only needs a few minutes to sort out their career challenges, in which case, I prefer to just have a quick chat with them on the phone rather than spend two hours with them to solve a 5 minute issue. If they feel like they have genuinely been helped, they are likely to refer friends, family members or colleagues to me. Therefore it’s a good way to increase referrals. 


Elicit needs and offer value first

For the people who definitely need to work with a career coach, the initial phone call is an excellent way to start the coaching relationship. It gives me a chance to elicit the exact needs of my potential client and to offer them value first - that way they know what they are signing up for. If the connection isn’t right, the person doesn’t need to commit. However, when the connection is right, we’re set up for a win straight away. I believe that this is part of the reason why I’ve had success with my clients.