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Changing Jobs and Building Confidence

A dynamic, engaging and all-encompassing workshop to guide you to effectively change jobs. Fail to plan, plan to fail. This two-hour interactive workshop will be a game-changer for anyone who wants more from their career. 

Ronan is a Career Coach and Trainer who has worked with hundreds of clients from all different walks of life and all stages of their career. This has enabled him to harness his best strategies and techniques for career development, no matter what stage his clients are at.

You'll Learn How To:

✔︎  Discover work that you enjoy and make sure it’s right career path for you

✔︎  Overcome limits that stop you from pursuing your ideal job/career

✔︎  Create an action plan that guarantees progress in any economy

✔︎  Setup a fail-safe system to ensure you persist with your long-term goals

✔︎  Harness the key tools, techniques, strategies of career development, regardless of your current position

✔︎  Interact, ask questions and get answers to all of your career-related concerns

✔︎  Answer difficult interview questions and discover what to say/not to say in an interview


"Informative, interactive and thought provoking seminar with @KennedyRonan" - Dr. Hayley Furlong ‏

"Ronan is excellent. He's very engaging, and quickly builds a rapport so that the session works from the outset. He did a superb job of helping me tailor and improve my CV. He has a great way of challenging your thinking/assumptions, without putting you on the defensive, so that you can actually think these through logically. I was self-employed but hoping to get back into permanent employment, and Ronan's very first strategy paid dividends. I'd recommend him to anyone who needs some direction with their career" - Paul

"Ronan through his knowledge and hard work quickly proved them wrong, he asked me questions that really made me think in my head think more so than ever actually. After my first session with him I walked out thinking that I could actually accomplish goals, that anything I set my mind to I could in fact accomplish. He also motivated me in a way letting me know my own attributes that I would have an advantage with a college course or job. He gave me direction." - Gregory

"Ronan helped me a lot sorting out some decisions on my next career move. He got me to focus on my existing skills and on my transferable skills so that I could decide what I wanted to do and what I needed to do to get there." - Karl

Earlier Event: 28 November
Changing Jobs and Building Confidence
Later Event: 3 January
Changing Jobs and Building Confidence