Changing Jobs with Transferable Skills 

When so many people want to change jobs or even change industries, some of the difficulties that they come up with involve feeling that they are stuck in the same job because it’s all they’ve ever done. And while this may be true, it’s not true that they don’t have any skills that could be used in other positions. In any case, whenever you go to a new workplace or company, you have to learn the ropes in the new position. Therefore, often the details of the job or the industry may be different, but the fundamental skills are the same.

1. The first step is to identify all of the transferrable skills you have acquired in your professional experience. Use the list below for some help. 

☐ Numeracy and Analytical Skills 

☐ Project Management Skills

☐ Research and Evaluation 

☐ Results Orientated

☐ Forward Thinker

☐ Analytical Thinker

☐ Customer Focused 

☐ Managing and Developing Staff

☐ Empowering Others

☐ Operating (Specialised) Equipment

☐ Time Management Skills

☐ Organisation Skills

☐ Presentation Skills

☐ Influencing and Sales Skills

☐ Change and Adaptability Skills

☐ Customer Relationship Management 

☐ Delegation and Monitoring

☐ Conflict Resolution

☐ Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

☐ Effective Decision Making

☐ Professional Communication Skills

☐ Interpersonal Relations

☐ Leadership and Team Building

☐ Commercial Awareness 

☐ Emotional Intelligence 

☐ Attention to Detail 

☐ Computer Programmes (Office, iLife etc.)

☐ Foreign Languages

☐ Drivers Licence

☐ Written and Verbal Communication

The second step is to be able to give examples of when you used them.

Examples when I have shown these competencies:

Ex. 1

Ex. 2

After noting all of your transferable skills, it’s good to find out if there are any other skills you could acquire that would make your job application more desirable to an employer. If you’re concerned about not having enough of the right skills - go and get them! Then you can genuinely say that you have what it takes to do the work. This is a key point because, in my experience, many people are lacking confidence when it comes to their skills. I think the solution is straight forward. Study and practice the skills with so much repetition that you become good at them - then you can base your feelings of confidence on real skill and knowledge.