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Manageable ways for accountants to change jobs and maintain their salaries

Accountancy is an alluring profession: solid career progression, stable jobs and almost guaranteed employment. But what if you decide you need a change but don’t want to sacrifice your salary level? It’s a fear that many have even though it’s unfounded most of the time. Changing jobs may lead to a reduction in salary but not necessarily. If you have strong qualifications and good experience, why would it? Let me explain...

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To be brave, you have to show vulnerability; to be a leader, you have to go first

“Men don’t talk” - that’s what I’ve been told. The statement is not just harsh and unfair; it’s untrue. I’ve met lots of men who talk, about their feelings too. Many of them love it. I’ve also met female clients who would prefer not to talk about anything. Generalisations are always wrong and there’s always an exception to the rule...

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5 Star Online Career Development Course

I’m very excited. I have been working on the content of this course for the past two years and the production for the past six months. To be honest, it’s something that I've found really difficult because it’s so open ended and variable, but now I can say that I’m really happy with the result. While it’s not perfect, I’m confident that it’s going to help answer 90% of the questions/issues that people have with changing careers.

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Where are you searching?

Below is a short tale by Mullah Nasruddin about searching. It’s a tale with a strong lesson, which like a lot of things, is simple when you know it. Take a look:

A man happened upon his friend one night on his hands and knees beneath the only streetlight in the immediate area.

‘What are you doing?’ he asked his friend.

The man glanced up then back down at the earth he was sifting between his fingers. ‘I lost my keys’, he said. “I’ve been searching for more than an hour and I still haven’t found them.'

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Changing Jobs with Transferable Skills 

When so many people want to change jobs or even change industries, some of the difficulties that they come up with involve feeling that they are stuck in the same job because it’s all they’ve ever done. And while this may be true, it’s not true that they don’t have any skills that could be used in other positions. In any case, whenever you go to a new workplace or company, you have to learn the ropes in the new position. Therefore, often the details of the job or the industry may be different, but the fundamental skills are the same.

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Career Interests

Here are a list of categories of interest based on the categories of books on Amazon. I thought it was a good way to help identify what job searchers or career changers would be interested in. Basically, if you were going to go into a book shop or watch a TV program, which categories would you choose? This exercise is designed to identify and increase your areas of interest. Once you've identified them here, you can go even deeper on the Amazon website itself. Enjoy!

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5 Types of intelligence every child should develop

At the moment, schools are catering for the different types of intelligence - some more than others, depending on the school, the resources and the teachers. Howard Gardner broke the different types of intelligences down into 9 categories. Logical. Spacial. Musical. Linguistic. Bodily-Kinesthetic. Existential. Naturalistic. Interpersonal and Intrapersonal. I love the idea of different intelligences but I find them easier to relate to if they are broken down into 5 categories:

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3 Videos: Do Work That You Love

In this video I've broken down the things you need to know into sections. 

4 Essential questions to discover your passion 

Understanding your values  4 Key questions to find your gift  Why it's important to meet your 6 human needs  What are your limits and your limiting beliefs?   Thoughts on strengths and weaknesses  7 Must-Know tips to start your path of discovery

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9 Tips to Find a Job You Love

It’s an difficult task eh? I know! I spent about 10 years looking for a job that I really wanted to do. There can be too many options and so many possible solutions. However, there are strategies mentioned below that I used and that will really help you, as long as you are prepared to do the work also! 

I don’t pretend that these are always easy things to do, but I will promise that they are effective. The easy thing to say is that 'not everyone finds a job they like!' or 'get a job, any job!'. You’re reading this because you don’t want to get ‘any job’, you want a job that you love. And maybe you don’t know where to start.

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4 Steps to Understanding Real Success

It seems like an easy question to answer but how long have you given to really think about success and define it for yourself? If you're going to achieve success, you have to be extremely clear what that will look like for you personally. Otherwise, when you think you are there, you may still be unhappy because it’s not all you hoped it would be. Will working 90 hours per week for your own company and making €100k per year be success for you? Maybe, maybe not.

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