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Career Interests

Here are a list of categories of interest based on the categories of books on Amazon. I thought it was a good way to help identify what job searchers or career changers would be interested in. Basically, if you were going to go into a book shop or watch a TV program, which categories would you choose? This exercise is designed to identify and increase your areas of interest. Once you've identified them here, you can go even deeper on the Amazon website itself. Enjoy!

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Everything You Need to Know About Doing Interviews

I have compiled the best information from around the world in one blog post to help you prepare for your job interview. Below are the essential tips and resources that you need to practice before your moment in the spotlight. Remember, knowing your answers to the key questions and understanding the best body language positions are only have the battle, you need to practice them so often that they become natural.

We don’t want to just survive the interview, we want to excel.

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