The Certainty Diamond - The Antidote To Fear

The Certainty Diamond.png

If you are someone who is often overcome with fear and procrastination, this may be due to feeling high levels of uncertainty or risk about the challenges that you're facing. One way to combat that is to change your focus from what you fear to what you're good at, or what's positively going to help you.

I've broken these down into categories to help you identify all of them. You may not have a response every one, but the most important thing is that you write enough of them down for you to create that feeling of certainty for yourself.

  • Goals - Be clear what your goals are and define then. Feel certain that you're making progress.
  • Passion - Say what you're passionate about and why you care so much.
  • Purpose - Define what your purpose is? To help others? To connect? To change a mindset?
  • Work-Ethic - Are you a hard-worker? Does that make you feel like you have more control?
  • Persistence - Do you persist with problems and challenges? Do you overcome them?
  • Skills - Do you have skills that help you no matter what you do? Will they help you in the future?
  • Knowledge - Have you learned lessons from courses you've done, books you've read or people you've learned from? Does that knowledge make you feel more certain about your abilities?
  • Education - Have you finished school or university courses? Have you learned subjects or engaged in self-education?
  • Family. Friends. Partner. Mentors - Will these people be there for you if you get into trouble?
  • Experience. Qualifications - Do you have good experience or useful qualifications?
  • Time. Energy. Resources - Do you have time, energy or resources that you can avail of?
  • Strengths. Victories - What are your strengths? What small or large victories have you had in the past?
  • History. Quotes - Does your past have stories of successes? What are they? Do remember any quotes from other people who said that what you have done or are doing was good, great or wonderful? What are they?
  • Strategy - Do you have a strategy that makes you confident in your future? Is it well planned? Do you also have alternative strategies? Does that make you certain that no matter what happens, you'll be OK?

Get a piece of blank paper and a pen and write down how or why each of the headings gives you a feeling of certainty. Then, put it somewhere you can see everyday so that you can feel certain anytime you like. Hope this little helps you create more certainty for yourself.