8 Truths from the movie “The Company Men"

Recently, I watched a great movie called “The Company Men”. It’s about a group of, you guessed it, men, who lose their jobs in a massive corporation. They had been working there all their lives and were faced with huge uncertainty when taking the next step. Some reacted better than others. The reason I’m struck by the movie is that it reflects real life, and certainty what happened in 2008. Therefore for me, it seemed to be more fact than fiction.

In any case, here are some lessons that I think we could all take away from this movie:

  1. Anyone can lose their job, no matter how secure they think it is.

  2. You must seek help from family, friends and professionals. 

  3. Losing a job will most likely knock your confidence and create self-doubt.

  4. There may not be jobs available in our desired industry or location, which brings us onto...

  5. We must adapt to new situations or circumstances, and adapt and adapt...!

  6. The best way to adapt is to use your skills in new ways and/or get new skills. 

  7. If opportunities don’t come to us, we must create them. 

  8. Persistence is the only choice. 

I definitely recommend watching the movie if you get a chance.