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Extreme Downtime

If you have the opportunity, a useful experiment is to ask some high performers a couple of questions. 

  1. Do good ideas come to you when you're deeply engaged in work or when you're totally relaxed and doing something else?
  2. Do you actively (or inactively) use engagement and relaxation as ideation strategies? If not, why not?
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Active Recovery

Some people don’t like their jobs and want to change careers. Others don’t like their jobs because there’s too much stress at work. If you’re in the second category, then making sure that you have active recovery periods every week is key. It can be a waste of time and energy changing jobs to avoid something like stress - because you could just walk into the next job and have even more stress there. In that case, you haven’t really solved the problem, you’ve just changed the location of where it happens. 

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