Overview and Details

Would you like to learn about different ideas, topics, thoughts, opinions and perspectives? If so, the non-fiction book club is for you. Once a month, we will meet to discuss one book for one hour. Most of the books will be available as audiobooks so you can easily listen to them on the way to work.

You don’t necessarily have to have read the book - it’s more important that you’re open to discussing the key ideas in it. Also, I will create some slides of the core ideas and put them on the screen.

During the conversations, we will answer the questions “what did you like/dislike?”, “what was your key take-away?“ and “how do you think this will influence your actions?“ We will be open to any and all opinions and give everyone a chance to speak (if they would like to). Afterwards, anyone who wishes can go for a coffee, beer or soft drink, but there are no obligations.

When: First Thursday of every month, 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Where: 20 Office Suites, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2

Who: All are welcome but please register

Early bird tickets are free.

Upcoming Book Club Meetings

Many of the books will be available here for free.

Many of the books will be available here for free.

Past events