Personal MBA - 25 book recommendations

What if you wanted to study more about leadership, marketing, sales and strategy? What if you wanted to do an MBA but didn't have the time, money or opportunity? Below are 25 handpicked books that I think are an excellent crash course in business. No, they don't cover every area, in particular finance has been omitted. But they do teach a lot of valuable lessons and have been of huge value to me personally.

Strategy and Execution

  1. 4 Disciplines of execution
  2. The 5 most important questions 
  3. The Coaching Habit
  4. Thinking, Fast and Slow
  5. The power of habit

Personal Development

  1. Deep work
  2. So good they can’t ignore you
  3. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
  4. The daily stoic
  5. Awake the giant within


  1. HBR’s 10 must reads
  2. The obstacle is the way
  3. The happiness advantage
  4. Payoff
  5. Beyond measure


  1. Persuasion engineering
  2. Perennial seller
  3. Book yourself solid
  4. 93 Extraordinary referral strategies
  5. 1000 True fans


  1. Purple cow
  2. The sticking point solution
  3. Over subscribed 
  4. Blue Ocean Strategy 
  5. Permission Marketing