Figuring out your core competencies

What are the 3 main things you do during your daily work? Account management? Project management? Relationship building? Or something else? Or maybe you don’t know yet. If you’re not sure of the value you bring to an organisation and find it hard to articulate what you can bring to the next role, then this is a good place to start.

  1. Download the list below as a place to start and highlight your top 3 competencies. You can do more later if you find it useful.

  2. Next, write out each step of the process that you complete when using your competency. What’s the first thing you do? What’s the second? And the third? Use powerful verbs to highlight each of these points. (e.g. create, design, deliver, implement, measure, monitor, check etc.)

  3. Then, think of examples you can use to outline when you have used these competencies and what the end result was.

  4. Finally, practice saying all of this out loud and record yourself with your smartphone - this will provide very accurate and free feedback.

CAREERRonan Kennedy