Following up on rejections


Below is an email script that you can use to follow up with employers and recruiters to request feedback on your applications. I’ve used it before after writing proposals and it has worked for me. I hope you find it useful.

Thank you for taking the time to review my application for this role. I know these decisions are often tricky and the most likely reason I didn't get an interview is that there were other candidates who were more suitable, which I completely understand.

Also, I really appreciate you following up to let me know I haven't been successful, even though I'm sure you're busy - so thanks for that.

As I'm sure you know from your experience applying for jobs during your career, it's always nice to get meaningful feedback on applications. So if I could ask you for a massive favour: would you be to give me some feedback so that I can improve my future applications?

  • What I could improve on next time so that I'm well prepared?

  • Is there anything I fell down on specifically?

Thank you in advance. It really means a lot to me."

CAREERRonan Kennedyscript