Trusting the process

“Trust the process“ is another way of thinking about patience and persistence. For me, it’s not so much a new idea, but a great mantra to be repeated when we’re not feeling like anything is making a difference.

The problem with focusing on results is that while they tell us how we’re doing overall, they’re not an accurate reflection of what’s going on right now. For example, if you’re applying for lots of job and not getting good responses - that’s not because of what’s happening now, it’s because of what you were doing two or three weeks ago. Therefore, if you want more opportunities in the next few weeks, the best thing you can do is trust the process, keep going and do each one as best as possible.

The key message is to focus on what you can influence - ask yourself “what are the one or two things I can do that will give me the most benefit?” In other words, figure out your key action steps and take action everyday even if they’re only baby steps. They all add up and compound over time - that is truly powerful.