This is your biggest fear

Not being good enough. There, I said it.

It also comes in many iterations as well, e.g. not smart/educated enough; not fast enough; not successful enough; not rich enough, or poor enough (depending on your group) etc.

I've been pondering on this one for a while now as it concerns a huge amount of people that I meet (and of course myself!) - I'm human after all. 'What's the answer? What's the solution?'

I don't know. But here are some thoughts on it:

Maybe 'OK', maybe 'sufficient' IS good enough. Maybe it doesn't have to be breath-taking to be 'good enough'. And maybe that's OK. Maybe your job application is only 80% suitable for the job, but maybe the job is only 80% suitable for you.

Or maybe you're really not good enough, me either - and maybe that's ok too! Why would everyone have to be good enough at everything?

Maybe trying to be too good ISN'T good enough as it means that we come across as forced - and who likes that?! It's well-known that over-doing something is a big 'no no' in many creative fields like music, art, dancing and writing.

So now, as of writing, I'm thinking that the sweet spot is 80% between being good enough and not forcing it too much.

But who knows, maybe this blog isn't good enough...