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Brain injuries and CVs

"That was my car and that's where I was sitting", he said as he pointed to a photo showing a massive hole in the front of a three-door hatchback where the driver's seat should be. 8 years later and still undergoing surgery, he has been through a lot. I was surprised by how frank this young man was and impressed with his light-hearted way of talking about the moment his life changed forever. Any problem I had seemed totally trivial in comparison.

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6 Crucial Tips for Reaching Your Goals

We can have exciting goals written down on paper or in our heads, but either way we have to be careful of making the same mistakes repeatedly and never achieving anything. Here are six crucial tips for achieving your objectives.  

  1. Remember that persistence is crucial because many goals include a period of lag time. Lag time is the time difference between when you set the goal and when you start seeing results. So, if you’re not seeing results yet, that’s because you’re in lag time. You need to keep going and updating your strategy as you go. If you find that you’re struggling for any reason, try looking to your support network for help or guidance. 
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