Brain injuries and CVs

"That was my car and that's where I was sitting", he said as he pointed to a photo showing a massive hole in the front of a three-door hatchback where the driver's seat should be. 8 years later and still undergoing surgery, he has been through a lot. I was surprised by how frank this young man was and impressed with his light-hearted way of talking about the moment his life changed forever.

Conversations like that put everything into perpsective - any problem I had seemed totally trivial in comparison.

I was called to do a CV workshop with the group of high-functioning brain-injured clients. Not sure what to expect, I found myself laughing uncontrollably at razor sharp wit, speechless by life stories and impressed by personal work experiences. The funny thing is that the group of 6 men had all the same challenges as professionals I normally meet: confidence, putting together a good CV and presenting their experience well. 

In a two hour CV workshop you can't expect to change someone's career, but hopefully it empowered them to see their experience and skills in a new light and realise that they can make a CV for themselves.