The 7 Most Attractive Female Models EVER!

model |ˈmɒd(ə)lnoun

a person or thing regarded as an excellent example of a specified quality: as she grew older, she became a model of self-control.

Let's be honest. Men are visual creatures. We like to see beautiful women.

But let's not forget that in our over-sexualised, media-dominated society, there are several types of female models that we sometimes forget.

So what else is there? Here are the most attractive models to look out for: 

1. The Accepter - She knows that she doesn't have the perfect body and that she'll never be "The Next Top Model". She accepts that and it doesn't bother her. Why would it? She has a lot more to offer than just her appearance. Her sense of certainty in herself is alluring, there's no hard sell and there doesn't need to be. She's got something good and she knows it. 

2. The Adventurer - She's a bit crazy, she's a bit wild. She changes her mind every ten seconds but nothing is ever boring. She's gets you outside of your comfort zone, doing things you would normally never do, and she won't let you go back! Her passion and excitement for life are infectious. 

3. The Smiler - When she smiles, everything seems right in the world. You find yourself telling jokes, doing silly things or whatever you can think of just to get a glimpse of it. It's addictive. It's hypnotising. You feel like a strong powerful man until you see that smile, then you're weak at the knees.

Any man will tell you that he's attracted by a nice smile. The dress, the make-up, the big hair etc. mean nothing without a genuine smile.

4. The Listener - Nobody gives you the attention that she gives you. She gives you her undivided attention and that makes you feel like a king. She's intelligent and interesting. She can talk about what she's interested in or what you're interested in - you can chat with her all day. You're happy to date her or just to go for a coffee/drink. You can connect with her on different levels and that draws you in.


5. The Supporter - She supports you in work or your sport/art/hobby and is a constant source of reassurance and encouragement. Let's face it, we need the encouragement sometimes! But she doesn't just support you, she keeps you accountable for all those things you know you should be doing and she even goes out of her way to help you grow and improve.

6. The Giver - She gives of herself, her energy, her support and her time. Suddenly you're receiving presents for no particular reason. She does it because that's who she is and that's how she feels connected to others. She loves giving more than receiving and never asks for anything in return.  

7. The Calmer - She’ll calm any anger and sooth any headache. You've had a tough day and nothing seemed to go right. You're just about to talk about all of your problems until you look into her eyes and see her concern. She knows you've had a difficult day before you even open your mouth. Suddenly, things aren’t so bad anymore. She's always there for you and she lets you know that. 


Finally, plenty of articles describe attractive women in terms of their physical appearance. However, every real man knows there's so much more than that. Of course, most of these models, if not all, are also applicable to the male of the species. However, I wrote this with women in mind considering that men don't get the same sort of media scrutiny over their appearance as women do. 

Thanks for reading. Ronan