"Readers are leaders"

I'm delighted. We are of the same mindset. You want to be a coach and you'd like to see how others are doing it. Welcome to my site. Please check my about page for more info on my background. After that, I think it's a good idea to see the reading list of someone who's doing what you'd like to do. One quote that I remember vividly from Tony Robbins' book AWAKEN THE GIANT WITHIN is:

Readers are leaders
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The 3 Levels of Love

This is probably my favourite concept on love and that’s primarily because it’s so simple and yet effective. At any time over the course of a relationship, individuals in the couple behave on different levels of this chart and they may or may not have very good reasons for doing so. It can be really difficult to behave at level 3 if your partner is always at level 1 or 2, but let’s remember that level 3 is the optimum level and where we all ultimately want to be. 

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7 Principles of Happy Relationships

It seems like this one specifically relates to men. It turns out that we’re not perfect - who knew?! Time to pull up the socks. Check out these 3 quotes that make a pretty clear point. 

“Studies have shown that marriages where the husband resists sharing power are four times more likely to end or drone on unhappily than marriages where the husband does not resist."

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Do you really want to be rich?

Someone might say that they want to be rich or to be a millionaire and I’d like to challenge that in this post. Maybe they have already started and they are on their way. But when someone says it and they seem to do nothing about it, I wonder whether they want it so much. Are they working at a job where that’s possible? Or are they developing the skills and the abilities to make that a possibility in the future? If so, great! If not, why not? Maybe we don’t really want it so much…

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