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Esoteric education in 2017

Esoteric: "intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialised knowledge or interest.”

What are you allowed to know?

I believed there were certain things that I could learn and other things that weren’t permitted - by some fictitious social law unknown to me. It’s an absurd concept when you think about it but it’s quite common. I certainly fell for it for a long time.

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7 Tips for dealing with the catch 22 of experience versus qualifications.

What happens when you come out of college or a training course and you can’t find a job? I imagine most young people have experienced this before. You hear things like “Sorry, we’re looking for someone with more experience” or “Sorry, you don’t have the qualifications that we’re looking for”. I’ve been in that position myself and it’s definitely not something that you want to hear after you’ve spent 4 years completing a course.
You’ve no experience so you can’t get a job and you’ve no job so you can’t get experience. 

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Plato's Allegory and WYSIATI

Plato was a clever guy, a philosopher and mathematician in Classical Greece, and the founder of the first academy in Athens, the first centre of higher education in the West. His teacher was Socrates and his most famous student was Aristotle. Although Plato is long gone, and despite science having progressed so much since his lifetime, some of his lessons are still unavoidably true and relevant to modern life. 

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Beliefs and Spirituality

In order to bring our society closer together, I feel that we must emphasise, through this education, the vast commonalities in beliefs, values and ethics that these religions share, as too much time and energy has been spent identifying differences, which we now know, often only lead to unnecessary conflict between neighbours. If you want to create ill-feelings, emphasise differences. If you want to create fondness, emphasise similarities.

“Familiarity breeds liking”
- Robert Zajonc, Social Psychologist

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