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A chemical imbalance in depression affects 10% at most.

Personal stories on depression and statistics from mental health organisations are in our newspapers on almost a daily basis, so it’s obviously a very topical issue at the moment. According to the OECD, Ireland’s suicide rate is 11 per 100,000 population which is just below the EU average of 12.2 percent, however there will always be incidents of suicide that are not reported as such. Many voluntary organisations are working hard to support people who are suffering from mental health illnesses, although as with almost everything these days, someone somewhere is profiting from it. 

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7 Principles of Happy Relationships

It seems like this one specifically relates to men. It turns out that we’re not perfect - who knew?! Time to pull up the socks. Check out these 3 quotes that make a pretty clear point. 

“Studies have shown that marriages where the husband resists sharing power are four times more likely to end or drone on unhappily than marriages where the husband does not resist."

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Do you really want to be rich?

Someone might say that they want to be rich or to be a millionaire and I’d like to challenge that in this post. Maybe they have already started and they are on their way. But when someone says it and they seem to do nothing about it, I wonder whether they want it so much. Are they working at a job where that’s possible? Or are they developing the skills and the abilities to make that a possibility in the future? If so, great! If not, why not? Maybe we don’t really want it so much…

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