Year planner: The 5 key goals

If you don’t design your life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.
— Jim Rohn

1. Personal development goals

Would you like to: Study Spanish in the south of Spain? Read the ten best biographies of all time? Learn to play pop songs on the piano? Take that history course you've always wanted to. Read up on nature or animals? Meet new people that share your interests? Design your own clothes? Memorise the lyrics to your favourite songs? Conquer your fear of public speaking? Become a wine-tasting expert? Who else could you do these activities with?


2. Career goals

Would you like to: Find the job of your dreams? Discover your passion now and not wait for another year? Get a promotion or become a supervisor, manager or CEO? Ask for a 10% salary raise? Start your own baking business? Take a continuous professional development course and learn how to use a new software programme at work? Or change careers and pursue a more challenging role?


3. Health and fitness goals

Would you like to: Lose weight? Or build muscle? Run a marathon or take up yoga? Or what about meditation? Would you like to join and gym and actually use it? Learn how to make 5 new dinners, or 3 new salads? Get on the team for next season or win the championship? Improve on your personal best 5km time? Swim once a week in your local pool or at the beach?


4. Fun and adventure goals

Would you like to: Spot lions on safari in South-Africa? Surf off the west coast of Ireland? Experience Oktoberfest in Munich? Trek through the Nepalese mountains? Go mountain-biking and camp overnight? Or what about buying a projector for your movies at home? Start painting landscapes with water colours? Write, record and upload a short movie to youtube? Learn how to dance the tango? Go paint-balling with 10 friends?


5. Contribution goals

Would you like to: Coach the local football team? Organise a coffee morning to raise money for children in need? Teach English to foreigners who can't afford classes? Answer calls for a charity helpline? Dedicate your next half marathon to a charity for spinal cord injuries? Give a friend a hand with a problem that they're struggling with at the moment?


Finally, I hope you enjoyed this post. Personally, I really get excited when I think about the huge variety of things that we can discover, explore, learn, develop, create and experience. We're not here forever so we have to make the most of now. You may not be able to do all of the things I've mentioned above, not that you'd want to, but for the ones that are really important or exciting to you, make a plan for them! And if you're not really excited by the goals you've created, go back and create more exciting ones! 

Happy 2017 and Live the Dream!