Creating the 'Win-Win'

When much of our time is spent deciding between two different sets of options which seem equally good or bad, it can seem like a dilemma. However, it's important to remember that dilemmas are not a frequent as they may seem. 

A dilemma being "a situation requiring a choice between equally undesirable alternatives."

There are always more choices, we just need to find them. Once we do that, we orientate ourselves towards creating ‘win-win' situations. I have to say that this is one of my favourite topics, because once you get this concept into your mind, you start looking for ‘win-win’ situations everywhere and the results can only be good!!

I took a risk by working for myself, as any entrepreneur does, but I always knew that I was setting myself up a ‘win-win’ situation. The skills that I would learn, the challenges that I would face and the contacts that I would make would benefit my business or my career regardless of the outcome. Also, considering the nature of being self-employed these days, it’s not enough to be good at only one skill - we need to be good at many skills. In the process of doing this you have to try a lot and fail a lot. Therefore, you have to learn a lot and that is the 'win-win’. 

Furthermore, a friend of mine who didn’t succeed in his first business venture found that when he went to his new employers, they were particularly interested in him because of the skills and initiative that he had shown to setup his own business - even though it didn’t work out well financially. 

So, what ‘win-win’ situations could you set up for yourself? How could you allow yourself to benefit regardless of the outcome? How could you ensure that even if you lose, you still win? 

This is a very powerful concept - I hope it starts some new ways of thinking for you and helps you to win no matter what.