Find the art in your work, not the work in your art.

Make it beautiful: it doesn’t matter if it’s a website, document, design, presentation or excel spreadsheet. Make it beautiful and be proud.

Recognise the small stuff: a free coffee; a co-workers funny story; an unsolicited compliment; a helping hand. Nice… thanks.

Discover the beauty: what else is here that’s great? What haven’t I found? The deeper I go, the better it gets. “I didn’t know you could do that”.

Become a craftsman or craftswoman: Hone your skills, they’re transferable. That’s good news.

Find the art in your work, not the work in your art. But only if you look. 

Learn from the industry leaders. They’ve been doing it a while and they know all the good stuff.

Innovate and make your impact. Satisfaction comes from progress. 

Realise that you’ll have either stress or boredom - choose wisely.

Enjoy the conversations and embrace the challenges. 

Do the uninteresting work before expecting to do interesting work. 

Your skills are your passion: Get good at rare and valuable skills, that’s how you can command a salary.