14 Phrases for jargon lovers

Jargon is everywhere - job descriptions, management meetings, LinkedIn and business literature (especially Harvard Business Review) to name a few. But what does any of it actually mean? And is it useful?

  1. Blue sky thinking = thinking of creative ideas without worrying about practicalities 
  2. Blue ocean strategy = creating new markets where there is no competition because of a unique offering
  3. Strategic innovation = looking for new ways to follow the plan of action
  4. SLA = Service Level Agreement = Contract
  5. Take a helicopter view = see the bigger picture
  6. Down a rabbit hole = a waste of time or a dead end
  7. Networking = talking to people
  8. Thinking outside the box = thinking in new ways
  9. Internal and external stakeholders - important people inside and outside the organisation
  10. Strategic architecture - the framework for how the business is developed from the start
  11. CRM = customer relationship management = helping people
  12. KPIs = Key Performance Indicators = important results
  13. B2B = business to business
  14. B2C = business to customer 

Now that you know these phrases, are they any use? Well, if you’re trying to understand a job description, write a compelling CV or if you need to speak to someone who’s using a lot of jargon, they can be useful. Apart from that, not really.