16 Quick tips for dealing with stress at work

Stress is a part of life and cannot be totally avoided - so we need to learn to deal with it as best as possible. Consider these things that are inside your control and...


  1. Caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine
  2. Checking emails and notifications
  3. Multitasking - it’s bad for concentration and doing deep work

Try to

  1. Meditate 5-20 mins a day (I suggest starting with 5 minutes).
  2. Wake up early to be more productive - that doesn’t mean you get less sleep. You can just go to bed earlier. 
  3. Focus on positives: progress, achievements, gratitude and helping others.
  4. Prioritise the one thing that you really need to get done each day.
  5. Use positive language to describe experiences and when you speak to others. (e.g. say 'on time' as opposed to 'not late’)
  6. Journal away your negative emotions if you feel it helps. It’ll help get them off your chest.
  7. Exercise more, or at the very least, keep your body in strong physiological positions: head up, shoulders back, stand up, breath deeply and slowly. Go for long walks in nature, play sport or dance.
  8. Discuss your worries or concerns with friends/family members and let it go. Talking about it will help release the stress, but be careful of dissecting it - that will make it worse. Discuss it once and let it go, otherwise, it becomes ruminating.
  9. Learn to say ‘no’ and do it quickly. Drawing out a ‘no’ will tend to make you more anxious. 
  10. Confirm arrangements for meeting others, don’t just leave them open-ended. You can always change them later.
  11. Consider everything positive, or an opportunity for personal growth, even if it’s hard at first.
  12. Become aware of generalising about things that aren’t going well. Nothing is ever always or never.
  13. Have a long meal with friends at the end of the week to let it all go.

I hope that has helped give you some additional ideas. Of course, you have to do whatever works for you.