Digital Marketing Consultancy Services

Lots and lots of people have been asking about how I made my website, how I do digital marketing, design images and write blogs etc. Therefore, I have outlined what I’ve done in this blog, and if you’d like me to help you with this, please let me know. Contact details are below.

To date, I have:

  • BLOGS: Written over 90 blogs and taught groups how to improve their copywriting skills.
  • VIDEOS: Recorded over 40 videos using iMovie, Keynote and VideoScribe.
  • eLEARNING: Written and produced a 5 star online course.
  • INFOGRAPHICS: Developed and designed 4 infographics in
  • WEBSITES: Developed websites using Squarespace and Wordpress.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Presented workshops on Social Media for business.
  • FACEBOOK: Presented workshops on Facebook for business.
  • LINKEDIN: Presented workshops on LinkedIn for business.
  • SEO: Written for, Business ETC to improve search engine optimisation.
  • ADWORDS: Mentored clients on the use of adwords to increase traffic to their websites.
  • LANDING PAGES: Mentored individual clients on optimising their landing pages.

If you are interested in any of these services or booking a one-to-one session with myself, please get in touch. The fee is €100 for 90 minutes - the initial phone call is free.

Also, I will be more than happy to give you a call and discuss your needs further.

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