The One-Page Strategy

“There’s nowhere to go” is a common complaint from employees working for small or medium companies. It signifies a drop in motivation even though they enjoy the environment and the work itself. If they feel there are no opportunities for progression, they will start to look elsewhere. This is further compounded by their managers agreeing that there's no possibilities of promotion. Here’s a strategy that may help.

The One-Pager

I’ve attached a one-page document that outlines a strategy, which if used properly, will allow you to approach your manager with suggestions and ideas, along with a plan for carrying them out. It’s a proactive step of creating an opportunity rather than waiting for one to be created for you. It essentially puts the power back into your hands. 

How is it done? It involves developing a suggestion, considering the challenges, possibilities and providing for a low downside and a massive upside.

If a manager believes that there is a low risk of something not working, and a massive possibility of it going well, why wouldn’t they support it?


Of course, this isn’t easy - if it was, everyone would be doing it. But you wanted a challenge, right? So here it is:

Create a One-Page Strategy document.

Do this one or two colleagues before bringing it to the decision maker. That way, you ensure that you catch most of the problems or critiques before it matters. I hope that helps.

Thanks for reading. Ronan