Creating Compelling Work Goals

What are your targets for this year? It’s the same question if you’re a business owner or an employee.

One of the big issues I see people having in this area is the lack of clarity around what the actual goals are. They might know generally speaking what they have to do - but they don’t know how to do it and when to have it done by. That’s why I created a handy template that you can use to identify and track your goals. Please click the button below to open the document. If you’re a nerd like me, you’ll get a kick out of just filling out this document!

Please note, that there is a space for “effort” as opposed to “result”. The reason for this is that we cannot predict the result so we don’t need to measure it. We need to focus on the key efforts that lead to the result. For example, we shouldn’t focus on getting 10 new sales, we should focus on calling or emailing 30 potential clients, which will then lead to the sales. It’s a small change in focus, but it makes all the difference as it orientates to the effort we can invest. Also, it’s much more predictable.

To download the template: go to File - Download.