A better way to ask for a raise

‘Can I have more money?' is one way to start the conversation, although not a very elegant one. Perhaps a more structured conversation would work better? 

In my experience, employers are often open to giving their staff more money or a promotion, but not without good reason. For example, asking for a salary raise for doing the same work probably won’t yield you much success, however, offering to help the organisation (A) Solve a significant problem or (B) Make more money, will provide you with much more leverage. Also, keep in mind that the more necessary you are to the business, the more inclined they will be to keep you happy compared to if you can be replaced easily by someone else who has similar skills.

Remember that high-value employees command good salaries because they have rare and valuable skillsets. In other words, not everyone can do what they do, and it takes a long time to acquire their skills. 

A strategic solution

Here’s my suggestion. Firstly, ask your manager what you need to do to deserve an increase and make sure the goals are clear, timely and measurable. Secondly, arrange a meeting your manager/employer and prepare a strategy document outlining how you can add value to the business. Here are six points to highlight. 

  1. Identify a current problem 
  2. Map out your suggested solution
  3. Outline your proposed strategy and expected timeline
  4. Highlight why you’re the right person for the job
  5. Aim to reduce any possible risk, financial or otherwise, on the part of the employer
  6. Ask your boss to commit to another meeting to review the proposal when it’s complete

Thanks for reading. I hope this post was useful for you.