My 20 most asked questions and one line answers

I’m at a crossroads in my career, what should I do?

Identify the problem with your current role, and seek to solve that first.

I have a lot of self-doubt in my abilities. How do I improve my confidence?

Make sure to do some Victory Stacking. Also, check out these tips that you can implement for free. 

What should I put on my CV?

The highlights of your career, experience and qualifications. Here is a good template to use.

Should I get more education?

Always. It’s a great source of potential power.

Should I go back to college?

Only if you want to and can afford it - however, most people I meet don’t need more pieces of paper to change career.

I want to go back to college to study something I really like but I’m afraid it will take too long - 4 years!

Yea, most courses take four years, but if you enjoy yourself for four years, that’s not so bad, is it?

What should I do?

If you don’t know what you’re interested in, you should try different things and read this blog.

How do I find what’s out there?

Check out for what’s on offer now. Also, here is a list of sample career types and categories.

Do I have to take a salary cut?

Not necessarily and even if you would, don’t volunteer that information! You might also get a salary increase!

What? Why would I get a salary increase?!

Because you have experience and transferable skills.

How do I find my passion?

Make a point of trying different things and stick to one - most people like what they’re good at.

What if I can’t find my passion?

Don’t worry, many people are very satisfied being in a good environment and working with nice people.

How do I build more confidence?

Get good at more skills and measure your progress. Watch this video blog.

What’s the easiest way to get a job?

Use your contacts or aim for jobs that have a high turnover rate (e.g. hospitality).

What should I do if nothing's working?

Create stronger beliefs, try something new and persist.

How do I know the value of my work?

Calculate the value you bring to the business and take away 20-30%. 

How do I get myself to actually follow through on my goals?

Make sure to write them down, break them into baby steps and read these crucial tips.

How do I find my transferable skills?

Start by using a list. Here is one that will help. Also, underline them in your CV and write examples.

How do I understand job descriptions in relation to what I do?

Start by decoding all of the jargon. Then check the job description with your transferable skills.

I’m having problems with my colleagues, what should I do?

Find common ground if possible. Then, try communicating with them in different ways - that can often help.

*NB: These are one line answers and are therefore incomplete from the bigger picture. The whole situation should be taken into account when making serious decisions. Always exercise caution when taking advice that is out of context.